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LeBarons: 100% independent alt-country.

It starts with a choice, “Hold on tight, or let go and blow away with the wind.” The opening lines on “Long Highway,” the first single from LeBarons debut full-length Summer Of Death, Chris MacDonald dares you to keep your grip or let loose, either way you’re in for a trip.


Summer Of Death (2018) is a milestone almost two years in the making. Production started in January 2017 at John Dinsmore’s Lincoln County Social Club where previous magic was made by artists like The Strumbellas, Timber Timbre, The Wooden Sky, and Elliott Brood. This unhurried approach allowed the band to imbue each song with its own unique character. The result is a rich, complex record that reveals itself over time.


The album features the on-going creative collaboration with two JUNO-nominated and award-winning producers: John Dinsmore (Timber Timbre, The Strumbellas, PUP, NQ Arbuckle, Donovan Woods, Sarah Harmer); and Jason "Cone" McCaslin (Operation MD, The Strumbellas, Sum 41). Both veteran producers' involvement grew from organic relationships and a mutual love of the music. 


Summer Of Death is the sound of highways at night; passing cars in the rain; the wind blowing past an open car window. Summer Of Death is the sound of a song fading out in the distance at the start of a long, strange trip. These are the sounds the restless hear when everything else grows quiet.


LeBarons are 100% independent alt-country from Toronto.



Chris MacDonald

Megan Tilston

John Dinsmore

Casey Irvin

Evan Levy

Po Karim

Dan Miller

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